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Ball Joints
Ball Joints
Ball Joints
Ball Joints
Ball Joints
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Machining of ferrous & non-ferrous materials like carbon, stainless & mild steel, copper & copper alloys, aluminum alloys
Machining of engineering thermoplastics like polyamide (PA), polyacetal (POM), poly vinyl chloride (PVC), poly phneyelene sulphide (PPS), polypropylene (PP)
Machining jobs with batch sizes from 5nos. to 50000nos.
Core competence in bar turning of stainless steel materials
Machining stainless steel materials like 300 and 400 series stainless steel (ASTM specifications), duplex stainless steels, special stainless steels with controlled carbon
5 axis machining
Machining of hardened steel up to 45 HRC
Machining of shafts (turning, grinding, keyway)
Machining of castings, forgings, rods, pipes
Stainless steel and other metal welding
Engraving and laser marking
Internal, cylindrical, centreless, surface grinding
Broaching and thread rolling
Lapping and polishing up to 0.2 Ra
Honing from diameter 5.00mm to diameter 25.00mm and length up to 75.00mm
Rubber molding up to 250.00gm
Plastic molding up to 100.00gm
Heat treatments like hardening & tempering, solution & salt bath annealing, case, through & induction hardening
Surface treatments like gold, silver, zinc, cadmium, nickel, chrome, hard chrome plating, anodizing, hard anodizing, electro polishing, shot & sand blasting