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Our Policies
Quality Policy
We shall endeavor to ensure customer satisfaction by:
Enhancing value by providing the right product at the right time consistently through continual improvements of processes and systems
Continuously train and develop employees to attain personal and organizational objectives through team effort in an environment of total quality management
Environmental Policy
We recognize the direct impacts on the environment arising out of our operations and facilities due to consumption of resources like energy, water, etc. and generation of wastes and shall continuously work to minimize these on the environment by encouraging and activating environmentally responsible behaviour on part of our employees, customers, vendors, contractors, business associates and other stakeholders throughout the world.

We aim to fulfil our environmental commitments specifically to conserve water, energy and ecosystems; to reduce gas emissions; to minimize waste and to inspire the public at large in support of environmental sustainability. We seek to identify, measure, understand and develop realistic solutions for mitigating the impacts and also complying with environmental laws and regulations.

We are committed to reviewing and communicating regularly to all stakeholders and the public at large our progress in implementing the policies and achieving the targets we have established.
Health & Safety Policy
SEE Linkages Pvt. Ltd. is fully pledged to lessening the possibility of injury or ill health to people and damage to property or the environment. We fully accept our ethical and lawful responsibilities to protect, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of its employees and anyone who may be affected by the actions of the Company and its employees. We will set standards to comply with the relevant statutory and other requirements relating to health and safety with regard to the effect on employees, contractors, visitors and the public.

The Company will communicate the Health and Safety Policy to all employees and it will be freely available to customers and the general public. The Company’s Health and Safety performance will be continually assessed through communication and measuring performance, so improvements and setting of relevant Health and Safety objectives and targets can be implemented. This policy will be reviewed annually and updated as required to conform to current statutory and other requirements.
Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
SEE Linkages and its associate concerns are committed to promote equal employment opportunity for all employees and to providing employees with a work environment which fosters harmonious working conditions completely free of all forms of discrimination and harassment.

We base our decisions on business needs, job requirements and individual qualifications for employment without considering race, color, religion, ethnic or social origin, nationality, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, political affiliations, family medical history, marital status, family or parental status and other such status that is protected by law or regulations in all the locations that we operate. SEE Linkages shall not tolerate occurrences of any discrimination, harassment or victimization based on these characteristics and shall take affirmative action.
Corporate Social Responsibility
SEE Linkages envisions active contribution to the social and economic development and upliftment of the communities in which we operate to build a better, sustainable way of life for the weaker sections of the society.

Our endeavors are driven in the focus areas of education, healthcare, sustainable livelihood, infrastructure development and supporting social causes under the aegis of the SEE Foundation. The core guiding principles being:
Empowerment of the girl child through education & healthcare
Preservation and restoration of the heritage of the city of Vadodara and its surrounding areas
Empowering citizens towards social responsibility and participation in nation building
Our commitment encompasses our Board of Directors, the Management and all the employees subscribing to the philosophy of empathetic care. We have faith in a philosophy of munificence and kindness, characterized by a disposition to build a society that works for everyone.