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Ball Joints
Ball Joints
Ball Joints
Ball Joints
Ball Joints
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Media Kit
Testing & Inspection
Facilities - In-house
Measuring Equipment
Vernier Calipers – Up to 600mm
Micrometers – Up to 200mm
Height Gauge – Up to 400mm  
Bore Dial Gauge 200mm
Slip Gauge Box ‘0’ Grade 2 Boxes Consisting of 122 pcs
Lever and Plunger Type Dial Indicators with Stand 10mm
Pressure Gauges
Thread Plug Gauges for Metric, UN, NPT, BSP, ACME, BSF, BSW Series
Thread Ring Gauges for Metric, UN, NPT, BSP, ACME, BSF, BSW Series
Plug Gauges
Snap Gauges
Surface Plate
Bench Center
Testing Equipment
Air Pressure Testing up to 31kg/
Hydraulic Pressure Testing up to 900kg/
SF6 Gas Leakage Testing Up to 10kg/
High Voltage Testing up to 5kVA
Millivolt Testing
Hardness Testing Machine
Shore Hardness Measuring Equipment
Coating Thickness Measuring Equipment
Profile Projector 30mm
Flatness (Light Band) Measuring Equipment
Surface Roughness Tester
Facilities – Outsourced
Product Testing
Product Type Testing
Salt Spray Tests 
IP 66 Tests 
Vibration Testing 
Endurance Tests 
Static Load Tests 
Radial Load Tests 
Axial Load Tests
Raw Material Testing
Chemical Composition 
Physical Properties 
Ultrasound Testing 
Microstructure Analysis
Magnetic Particle Inspection
Calibration Services
Measuring Equipment Calibration
Electrical Test Equipment Calibration 
Mechanical Test Equipment Calibration
Pressure Gauges Calibration
Magnetic Particle Inspection