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High quality Clevis (Yoke)

SEE Rods Ends, Ball Joints, Yokes & Spherical Bearings are ideal to handle transfer of motion with angular misalignment, reciprocating oscillation, They have excellent bearing characteristics and offer maintenance free operation. They are manufactured in accordance with ISO 12240, DIN 71802, and DIN 71752 specifications.


  • Clevis (Yoke) series manufactured in accordance with DIN 71 752
  • Linkages and on the carburetor. As a part of linkages serves for transmission of linear movements.
  • Ideal for use in windscreen wiper actuators, brake, throttle or clutch


  • Clevis (Yoke) Series – M4 – M20 threads
  • Body - Free Cutting Steel, Zinc Plated


Ideally suitable for application in automobiles, trucks, textile machinery, farm equipment, earth moving equipment, machine tools, packaging machinery, industrial robots, ultra-light aircraft, compressor industry, amongst others.