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SEE # Engineering Possibilities… making it happen

The continued depletion of natural resources has led us all to become more environmentally aware than ever. SEE has based its entire remodel of the facilities on our vision of care with hope towards building a sustainable future.

Natural Lighting and Multiple ventilation solutions for the Workshops/ Shop Floors

Stack Effect and naturally induced zero-power turbo ventilators in the factory space to dissipate heat Double height volumes at the entrance area for effective natural day lighting and further induced ventilation and exhaust systems.

Some of the key features that reflect a commitment towards reducing our Carbon footprint include:

  • Development of a Rain Water Harvesting System

    SEE has incorporated a rain water harvesting system in its new design for the entire campus to ensure that rain water is channelled, filtered and used to recharge ground water tables which are fast depleting. Water is a rare resource and needs to be nurtured and protected.

  • Established Renewable Energy solutions

    SEE has installed solar panels (50kwh) on our roof tops of the premises to generate power supply and aid in reducing the carbon footprint by use of natural resources. Further plans to increase this are afoot and shall be executed sequentially to utilise all the available spaces.

  • Construction Interwoven with existing foliage

    SEE office and factory building has been constructed Without disturbing/uprooting existing Trees, amalgamation with existing nature. The entire Construction between the various plots/ Factory blocks was/ is being carefully undertaken without disturbing existing trees and the further addition of green cover.

  • Deploying an Energy Efficient Design Plan

    The Energy Efficient DGU Façades are manufactured by one of our own Company – These panels with inbuilt motorized sun-control shading louver-Devices on the external Facades as well as internal partition systems- facilitates the control of penetration & access of natural light resulting in energy efficiency which reduces total energy consumption and restrict heat ingress during summer months & the vice-versa during winter months.

    All the Lighting designed & Installed is the energy efficient & environment friendly - LED Based Solutions only. These fixtures are based on Green Building Norms/classifications- Criteria & Standards

Use of Natural Local Materials

The Energy Efficient DGU Facades are manufactured by one of our own Company – hence their profuse yet creative use also enables us to highlight our Product by directly enabling- it to create vibrant Spaces/ innovative Design solutions & Features as a live laboratory & demonstration of the capabilities of our manufactured & Engineered Products

Not only do green initiatives save on costs, reuse Resources and meet compliance requirements, but they also help to create brand recognition among our Customers.

The ROI on the additional capital makes it commercially viable as well & a very prudent way to go- as a concern for our environments.

This Design Policy has been a Win-win win- for us & it sets the template/ benchmark for all our further Building Design & Construction Work & also sets the bar high for us to transcend & go beyond as we move forward….