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A history of Engineering Possibilities, Reliability and Sustainability

In the two lines of businesses that we are present in, we work by leveraging our engineering skills and manufacturing capabilities to enable desired possibilities and outcomes. We manufacture our products and render our services in a manner that ensures reliability and sustainability.

Linkages that enable high performance

In our Engineering Linkages Division, we offer a range of products that covers the linkage requirements of the Electrical, Mechanical and Hydraulic & Pneumatic Engineering Industries.

Custom Contract Manufacturing with specialist capabilities

The Custom Built Electromechanical Parts & Assemblies Division, offers services of designing and outsourced manufacturing to various global industries. These include high precision and complex machining of various raw material grades as also assembly and testing of sub-assemblies and delivery systems such as JIT, Kanban and Consignment Stocking.

Manufacturing and technological capabilities

Our manufacturing operations are spread out across 4 facilities comprising a total area of 6,600 sq. meters. Each of our plants are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified. We have also established a Department of Scientific and Industrial Research approved R&D laboratory that powers our improvements in processes, and our new product innovations.

Our team comprises of a total of 300+ staff and workmen / women.

In both the businesses we use our engineering knowledge and manufacturing capabilities to bring engineering possibilities to life.

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  • To continuously enhance product, manufacturing quality and services while ensuring just in time deliveries
  • To continuously boost health and safety measures and sustain environmentally responsible manufacturing
  • To offer value-for-money linkage products & manufacturing services to our customers using state of the art technology
  • To be a socially responsible corporate and work towards nation building and serving society for the upliftment of the disadvantages


SEE aspires to be the “go-to” value enhancing partner of global OEM’s by supplying high quality linkage products and offering manufacturing services based on ethical & progressive management practices and environmentally sustainable manufacturing systems in an environment that protects health & safety of all stakeholders.