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Gas Couplings

Series GC coupling are ideally suitable for applications where gas or fluid lines are to be connected /disconnected frequently and under pressures, where leakage rates have to be minimal, where extremely low media loss is permissible on disconnection, where usable life under adverse and hostile conditions without any deterioration is a must. One such application is SF 6 Circuit Breakers in the Switchgear Industry.


  • Ease of connection, disconnection and eliminating the use of any sealant/sealant tape
  • Automatic shut-off for both sides on disconnection
  • Connection/disconnection possible under pressurized conditions
  • Specially designed metal sealing (non-deteriorating)
  • 3-way sealing ensures leak-proof working


  • Body - stainless steel, aluminum and brass
  • Sealing elements – EPDM/polychloroprene
  • Springs - stainless steel
  • Check valves – brass/stainless steel


Ideally suitable for applications in the switchgear industry for SF6 Gas charging in medium or high voltage SF6 circuit breakers, amongst others.