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Where R&D leads to new product development and process improvement

SEE Linkages has successfully leveraged R&D strengths to design, develop, and manufacture new products as well as to improve process efficiencies. The center is headed by experienced and highly skilled scientific and technical personnel and is well equipped with the latest equipment such as 3D printing, 3D CMM, and machining facilities. The R&D lab has the latest inspection and testing facilities.

Sustaining scientific enquiry with atmosphere of freedom

The R&D facility works in a work environment where enquiry is encouraged and innovation is rewarded. We systematically seek talent that we help groom and nurture to greater heights.

The R&D team has played a leadership role in our Contract Research and Manufacturing operations and has had several successive breakthroughs in new product developments.

The R&D team comprises of 7 engineers with core engineering background and 2 certified designers for 2D & 3D designing. They use the latest editions of AutoCAD for 2D and Solid Edge CAM Pro Powered by NX for 3D design and manufacturing solutions. The R&D Centre uses 3D printing Technology by Stratasys uPrint SE Plus 3D Printer for prototype sample development.

The R&D Centre has a separate manufacturing Cell comprising of CNC Turning Centre by Hyundai, Korea and CNC Vertical Milling Centre by HAAS, USA for rapid prototype development.