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SEE commitment against COVID -19

  • Formation of Vigilance Team for effective implementation of SOP.
  • Workers without submission of declaration form or without Face Mask shall not be allowed to enter inside plant premises.
  • Any person found with body temperature more than 100.4°F (38°C), immediately he shall be directed to the hospital.
  • Disinfection treatment at all entrance Gate, Offices, Lifts, Meeting/ Conference halls, PlantMachineries, Toilets and other open area etc after each shifts.
  • Arranged adequate quantity of Face masks, hand gloves, Soap solution, & Sanitizers at all required locations.
  • Hand Washing & Hand Sanitization is compulsory to all.
  • Awareness posters are displayed across the plant.

SEE Core vigilance Committee

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Activity Tracker

  • Employee Health Check
    • Daily Self declaration
    • Daily Temperature Check
  • Sanitization
    • Availability of sanitizers at required places
    • Hand wash facility
    • Sanitization across the plant after each shifts
  • Activity Adherence & Employee Health track record
    • Fitness certificate mandatory before resuming the duty
    • Section wise activity monitoring tracker
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